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Season 4 starts April 11!

That's a Wrap!

Thank you so much to everyone who made Season 3 a possibility, whether you came once or came every week, we couldn’t have done it without you. Keep an eye out for web-exclusive material and some big news during the break. From all the cast and crew, thanks and we’ll see you soon!

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Ben Moves to South County and Things Get Weird

Ben moves to the county and adopts some strange suburban habits.

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Wesley Hoffman Guesses Famous Treehouses on 10/11/14

Wesley Hoffman of Treehouse Networkshop tries to guess famous treehouses on STL Up Late.

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Do you have difficulty writing social media posts about racially charged issues? Do you find yourself getting up to delete your Facebook posts, 3, even 4 times a night? Maybe it’s time you try Racebook.

Written by: Ben Lyons
Performed by: Melissa Darch, Ben Lyons
Directed by: Joshua McNew

Ben moves to the county and adopts some strange suburban habits.

Written by: Ben Lyons
Directed by : Eric Christensen
Performed by: Ben Lyons, Davey Mendoza and Kate Cole

You won’t believe what these parents find in their kids’ Halloween candy.

Written by: Kate Cole
Directed by: Eric Christensen
Performed by: Kate Cole, Ross Kimball, Davey Mendoza and Melissa Darch

Written by: Melissa Darch
Directed by: Eric Christensen
Director of Photography: Joshua McNew
Performed by: Kate Cole, Steve Raines, Davey Mendoza, Melissa Darch, Bobby Jaycox, Daniel Cady, Joshua McNew, Lauren Tegtmeyer

Thelonius Kryptonite performs “Built 4 It” at STL Up Late on December 6th 2014. Visit – http://theloniuskryptonite.com/ for more on Thelonius.

Thelonius Kryptonite performs, “Breaker Brakah” at STL Up Late on Dec. 6th 2014. For more on Thelonius visit http://theloniuskryptonite.com/

Bruiser Queen performing “On The Radio” at STL Up Late on Halloween dressed up as the Bruised Bananas.

Bruiser Queen performs “Tiny Heart Attack” on STL Up Late’s halloween episode as The Bruised Bananas.