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We're Back

STL Up Late is back from Summer vacation as Season 3 of St. Louis’ only late-night show kicks into high gear.

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Somebody has to be the Monopoly Banker. Do you have what it takes?
(NSFW: explicit lyrics)

Written by: Melissa Darch

Directed By: Eric Christensen

Starring: Kate Cole, Jake Sellers, Eric Christensen, Melissa Darch, Mvstermind and Steve Raines

Camera Operators: Adam Huber, Eric Christensen and Lauren Tegtmeyer

Edited by: Eric Christensen

Song Recorded and Mixed by: Mvstermind MME
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Getting rid of unwanted guests can be scary

Written By: Jake Sellers

Directed by: Joshua McNew

Featuring: Davey Mendoza, Kate Cole, Lauren Vemuri, Jake Sellers

Vintage wig commercial

Written By: Eric Christensen

Directed By: Joshua McNew

Featuring: Eric Christensen, Kate Cole, Robert Krebsbach, Bobby Jaycox, Davey Mendoza, Kenny Kinds, Lauren Valmuri

Homies, an STL Up Late video short.

Written: by Lauren Vemuri

Directed: By Joshua McNew

Featuring: Lauren Vemuri, Kate Cole, Jacob Sellers

Emily Roig gave the Up Late audience a special treat with a Medley of poplar songs in Middle Schools across America from her middle school days to present.

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Jon Hardy and The Public
performing Through the Window

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Shot and Edited by Elliot O’Dea